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FC Boulder and
The Boulder Center
for Sports Medicine:
A Renewed Partnership
to benefit Our Families!
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We Teach Them.
We Uphold Them.
We Live By Them.
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To Myself.
To My Team.
To My Club.
To My Community.
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To fight for every one of my goals.
To never give up.
To achieve my full potential.
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In Who I Am.
In Where I Am Going.
In the Person I Will Become.
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Welcome to FC Boulder.

You have found a special organization. We are more than a collection of teams wearing the same color jersey:

we are an organization with a unique culture and a compelling set of values. We intend to provide a context through which

our membership experiences the joy and inspiration that this great game of soccer can provide.

Welcome to FC Boulder!


Specialty Camps

From finishing and striking the ball to defensive specific training, Click on the image above to enroll.

Little Kickers Training!

U5-U6 Mondays from 4:00-4:45PM. U7 Mondays from 4:45-5:45PM. South Boulder Rec Center. REGISTER HERE, it’s Free!

Champions, We Salute you!

U12 Elite BoysCongratulations to Kyle Lineberger, Colm O’Neil and the U12 Elite Boys! Click here to learn how »

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U11 Girls Statistics - 2014

View all player’s stats

Total Points
Stella ViethU11 Elite161042
Kaia HollickyU11 Elite9725
Lily HuettelU11 Elite6618
Heather GuilcristU11 Elite4614
Evelyn PaulU11 Elite248
Mia CookeU11 Elite113
Ellie MillerU11 Elite12
Marissa SorlieU11 Elite22
Ashlyn OkleshU11 Elite22
Eve BleamU11 Elite11

U12 - U18 Girls Statistics - Fall 2014

View all player’s stats

Jamie Hegg16 Premier13531
Makenna O'Grady18 Elite12125
Aisling McCarthy16 Premier9422
Morgan Stone14 Premier6315
Patricia Mendoza-Anselmi14 Premier5111
Molly Gallagher17 Sporting4311
Audrey McClurg17 Sporting5111
Emily Paul14 Premier5111
Emily Hanson17 Sporting4210
Hannah Roth14 Premier419
Lauren Martin18 Elite328
Corbin Gardner-Sweeney15 Premier48
Dani Prata13 Premier248
Georgia Weeks13 Premier48
Tessa Leach12 Premier317
Sophie Fear18 Elite66
Lily Gallagher14 Premier226
Aisley McConnell16 Premier36
Anna Lingold13 Premier36
Jordan Goodwin16 Elite215
Reiley Battreall14 Premier215
Annie Brigham13 Premier215
Rachel Bolin17 Elite135
Emma Shepherd15 Elite124
Jenna Schemmel18 Elite24
Ari Konstantopolis15 Elite24
Shauna McCarthy15 Elite24
Emily Kaplan17 Elite24
Olivia Gribbon17 Sporting24
Lexi Dageenakis17 Elite24
Hailey Bouska13 Premier124
Hannah Isenhart16 Premier44
Lizzy Hogan16 Premier124
Emiko Paterson17 Elite24
Isabel Ramirez15 Sporting24
Makena Englund12 Premier24
Evelynn Cousey16 Premier124
Jennifer Rivera15 Sporting24
Hayden Hotchkiss15 Elite113
Hope Ubel15 Premier113
Hallie Sago17 Sporting113
Lauren Davis17 Sporting113
Riley Langer14 Premier113
Alex Ceurvorst17 Sporting33
Grace Schwab13 Premier113
Aly Laurain12 Premier113
Sarah Hudak15 Athletic12
Courtney McDonald18 Elite12
Ally Murphy Pauletto16 Elite12
Emma Maytubby13 Premier12
Grace O'Neill15 Elite12
Mannon Frykholm15 Elite12
Ellie Huettel15 Elite12
Emily Feller15 Elite12
Aubrey Sewell15 Premier12
Jessica Tierney17 Elite12
Morgan Rubendal18 Elite12
Kaylie Young18 Premier12
Elly Stuckrath13 Elite12
Mikayla Apodaca13 Elite12
Maya Browning16 Elite12
Francesca Dalla Betta15 Premier12
Emily Tabler17 Sporting12
Kenna Hazzard16 Premier12
Moira Matheson13 Premier22
April Ramirez15 Sporting22
Sofia Herrera12 Premier12
Sydney Lopez12 Premier12
Anna Trujillo12 Premier12
Katie Bethune13 Elite12
Kailee Lundzer13 Elite12
Dawson Shelby12 Premier12
Claire Schaffer17 Sporting12
Tessa Regnier18 Elite12
Alexandra Madden16 Premier12
Alexandra Caballero 15 Sporting12
Isabel Ramirez15 Sporting12
Julia Esrey-Moats15 Sporting22
Hannah Triem18 Elite11
McKailyn Quast16 Premier11
Carly Howenstein17 Sporting11
Mallory Lopez15 Elite11
Ella Campbell15 Elite11
Gabi Lukac15 Elite11
Kaylee Mickens18 Elite11
Abby Mercier15 Elite11
Madison Studebaker18 Elite11
Jillian Jansen15 Athletic11
Emma Hall13 Premier11
Vanessa Haggans14 Premier11
Anne Holleman14 Premier11
Annika Kassenbrock12 Premier11
Kylie Simington17 Sporting11
Molly Madden16 Premier11
Tia Mikle14 Premier11
Soleil Rosenblum15 Sporting11

U11 Boys Statistics 2014

View all player’s stats

Total Points
Banyan Lyon11 Elite7317
Bobby Erben11 Premier6315
Spencer Grumhaus11 Elite6315
Logan Marshall11 Premier5515
Ethan Spalsbury11 Premier5313
Skyler Wember-Brown11 Premier2812
Rodrigo Lopez Abadia11 Elite5212
Emmett Graeser11 Elite510
Karim Sponheimer11 Elite510
Ryan Tozzi11 Sporting339
Calvin Pielke11 Elite419
Stefan Haug11 Sporting419
Eli Bulkacz11 Elite328
Brody Darragh11 Elite328
Kevin Tritschler11 Elite317
Miles Brown11 Premier36
Liam Power11 Sporting36
Dylan Schelin11 Sporting36
Layne Weeks11 Elite135
Bodhi Rubinstein11 Sporting135
Ryzen Weissman11 Premier215
Hayden Miller11 Elite135
Alex Jones11 Elite215
Lance Mitchley11 Elite215
Kreitler Payes11 Elite215
Spencer Neumann11 Elite215
Ethan Reich11 Sporting215
Evan Tenezowicz11 Sporting113
Dolla Proto11 Elite113
Theo Julien11 Elite113
Luke Silverman11 Elite113
Theo van Zante11 Sporting113
Moses Markels11 Sporting113
Lucas Young11 Sporting33
Quinn Besser11 Sporting113
Quincey Carter11 Sporting113
Bryan Ordoñez11 Premier12
Eli Taekla11 Premier12
Chris Serrano11 Elite12
Daniel Estoll11 Premier22
Camilo Vargas11 Elite12
Joey Lingold11 Premier12
Samuel Karplus11 Sporting12
Isaac Hinojosa11 Sporting22
Harrison Wallingford11 Sporting12
Cole Citarella11 Sporting12
Owen Tennenson11 Sporting12
Nathan Hardaway11 Premier11
Luke Kreidl11 Elite11

U12 - U14 Boys Statistics - Fall 2014

View all player’s stats

Omar Castruita14 Elite8925
Christian Nunez13 Elite7923
Jason Robles13 Elite10222
Bishal Ellison13 Elite5616
Martin Moreno13 Sporting6113
Mark O'Neill13 Elite2610
Kevin Gutierrez14 Elite339
Will Griffith14 Elite339
Matt Helm13 Sporting419
Erick Colin13 Sporting339
Sam Ellsworth13 Sporting339
Fabian Valencia14 Elite48
Nick Biesterfield14 Premier248
Bodhi Kier13 Sporting48
Austin Borncamp13 Elite237
Harrison Whitemore13 Sporting317
Gabriel Sosa13 Elite36
Fernando Garcia13 Elite36
Jesse Bacardi14 Premier215
Sajji Singh14 Elite24
Wyatt Sales14 Elite124
Jesse Isernhart14 Premier24
Malcolm14 Premier24
Wyatt Shirk13 Sporting124
Jake Steeves13 Elite33
Raul Toledo13 Elite113
Cayo Browning14 Elite113
Ian McDermid-Sterling14 Premier113
Jared Scott13 Sporting113
Clyde Kertzer13 Sporting33
Jackson Hollicky13 Elite12
Milo Lewon14 Elite12
Eric Esparza-Reyes14 Elite12
Cooper Harmon14 Elite12
Jorge Morales14 Premier12
Simon Gerlach14 Premier12
Sam Siewierski14 Premier12
Jacob Wolhandler14 Premier12
Dylan Weaver14 Premier12
Carson Besser14 Premier12
Charlie Springer13 Sporting12
Justin Gheleta13 Sporting12
Max White13 Sporting12
Micah Blackburn13 Elite11
Talia Hatami14 Elite11
Tom Crist13 Elite11
Alex Mercier13 Elite11
Jack Hoskins13 Sporting11

Goalkeepers Statistics - Fall 2014

Dylan WeaverB14 Premier400.00
Keenan DowlingG18 Premier210.50
Noah WilliamsB14 Premier451.25
Hayden VeldsG13 Premier8111.37
Carter MeltonB13 Elite7101.42
Elise Thomasin-LarsonG15 Premier691.50
Jarrett ScneiderG17 Sporting691.50
Sophia NarodG14 Premier8121.50
Kaylee MickensG18 Elite14231.64
Avery TallmanG17 Elite6101.66
Djibril DoumbiaB14 Elite11191.73
Marisa WeygandtG12 Premer362.00
Julie Moor-NeuschlerG15 Sporting482.00
Hadley MillsG16 Premier7162.28
Cheney SingerG15 Elite10272.70
Manuel MartinezB13 Sporting6172.83
Jackie HeibertG15 Athletic144.00

FCB in College/Alumni

FCB Alumni/Fall’14 Season

Kelsey Killean named SEC Player of the Week     FC Boulder Alumni   Sade Akindele (Jr at Regis), Kiki Arnold (Sr at Regis), Brook Assefa (Jr at Ft Lewis), Kyler Auernhamer (So at Idaho College), Jasmine Beaulieu (Fr at Fort Hayes), Savannah Beetcher (Fr at Central Michigan), Kevin Beyer (So at DePaul), Lilly Bitner […]

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FCB in High School

Fall 2014 High School Season

Boulder’s Camden ‘Clyde’ Ford Skyline and Monarch make early moves Boulder vs Denver East Fairview vs Boulder Skyline vs Silver Creek Fall High School Preview FCB Alum Shane O’Neill Allan Scheuerman…more than just a goalkeeper            

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In the Community

Hashtag Lunchbag – Sunday August 31

Sunday August 31 was Hashtag Lunchbag Sunday. A big thank you to the Boulder High School Boys’ Soccer Team for making some delicious breakfast burritos and delivering them to the local homeless population. Thanks for giving back to the community and thanks for making a difference!

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FCB in Nepal

This past fall, FC Boulder collected used soccer equipment and shipped it out to a monastery/school in Nepal.

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Coaching Tips

In this section, our Technical Director has amassed a wealth of information for our coaches. There you can find activities for all ages and levels ranging from Finishing, to 3v3 Activities. Please come back periodically to see the newest installments.

This week’s coaching tips:

FCB Finishing – Three Teams with Targets

FCB Defense – Jockey

View ALL FCB Coaching Tips »

Fitness Tips

In this section, our Director of Strength, Conditioning and Injury Prevention posts weekly Fitness Tips so that our athletes reach a higher level with the latest in conditioning and fitness while being mindful of preventing injuries. Please come back periodically to see the newest installments.

This week’s Fitness Plan:

FCB Fitness Weekly #3

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Juggling Ladder


Who will be the club’s top juggler? Please send us your YouTube links or videos and we will post them here!

We will have prizes when you reach the following levels:

100, 250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 2500+

Send Us Your Video »

Goal and/or Highlight of the Week

FCB G17 Elite vs Pride Copa (11/2/13)

FCB G17 Elite vs Pride Copa (11/2/13)

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Time Machine

2011 State Cup Champions

Our 2011 State Cup champions. Back row from left to right: Adam Hayes, Ashley Smith, Sade Akindele, Jenna Brennan, Berkley Gamble, Danielle Dageenakis, Hollis Crowder, Gina Ogg, Maddie Barber and Heather Solar. Bottom row from left to right: Carly Nelson, Gini Yost, Katlyn Lokay, Missy Conklin, Nikki Machalek, Olivia Fear and Daphne Morency.

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Legends of the Game

Edson Arantes Do Nascimento “Pelé”


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Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff

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Photos of the Week